Thursday, September 9, 2010

9/9 Ghost Trio Part 2 & 3

These ghosts didn't make the previous cut.
A short while ago I did a post/analysis of the 1st movement of the Ghost Trio.  Except that I didn't feature the actual Ghost movement!  I rectify that today - here's the remainder of the Ghost Trio, it's too beautiful to leave alone! 

Piano Trio 5 in D Op.70 Nº 1 Ghost (1808)

Movement II - Largo assai ed espressivo (the Ghost movement)
This is the movement where B used ideas from an abandoned "Macbeth" stage score - Shakespearean gothic, you know?

Alternate Youtube link

Movement III - Presto
This movement is alot of fun, I feel like the instruments are having a very witty conversation...

Alternate Youtube link

Timings derived from the Alan Rich's Play by Play book.

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