Tuesday, August 31, 2010

8/31 Beethoven's Ghost Trio

Surely more "Ghostly" than "Pastoral"?
Beethoven's 5th Piano Trio in D, Op.70 Nº 1 (1808) is nicknamed the "Ghost Trio" because the 2nd movement has a theme that was originally written as background music for Shakespeare's Macbeth.  I always think of Beethoven's stage music as his version of film music.  Today Jerry Goldsmith scores "Poltergeist", yesterday Beethoven scored "Macbeth".  It's a beautiful and evocative 2nd movement.  However, I love the opening movement as well, it's as forward-looking as the 'ghost music'...Here's a "play by play" with timings derived from the Alan Rich book.  (Oh yeah, the manuscript page on the header of this blog is from this piano trio.)

Piano Trio in D, Op.70 Nº 1: 1st Movement, Allegro Vivace e con Brio
(Beaux Arts Trio)

Alternate Youtube Link

Go HERE for the 2nd and 3rd movements.

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