Guitar Arrangements of Beethoven, Bartok, Shostakovich, Debussy & More

These adaptations are manipulated "SynthFont" derivations from conventional "classical" transcriptions (in MIDI) sequenced by various web sources/authors.  These were created for my own use to better understand Beethoven's classical works. As an electric guitarist, I "hear" guitar and drums better than violin, so these helped me to follow the different melodic and harmonic turns that Beethoven used in his frankly still-revolutionary compositions. Weird syncopations and awkward double-stops and trills on violin sound even more exciting in today's musical vernacular IMHO, and when you add drums doubling the bass melodies it gets pretty close to fusion/technical metal - tho the most complex metal you'll ever hear. Of course these are generated from "MIDI" sequences and triggered soundfonts (samples) so there's a little bit of an auditory leap of faith necessary. Have some fun and don't expect to find Furtwangler or Barenboim here....more like Zappa or King Crimson...maybe some Doors? Merzbow?
All arrangements are for "electric rock ensemble" with guitars, bass, keys, bass and drums, unless otherwise specified.

Guitar Arrangements on:



String Quartets
Op.59 "Razumovsky"
Op.74 "Harp"
Op.95 "Serioso"
Op.133 "Grosse Fugue"
Op.133 "Grosse Fugue" (Acoustic Guitar Arr.)

Piano Concertos

Violin Concerto, Op.61 in D
Triple Concerto, Op 56 in C


Violin Sonatas

Cello Sonatas


    Piano Bagatelles
    Piano Works
    Op.77 Fantasy in G minor (Acoustic Guitar Arr.)
    Op.77 Fantasy in G minor
    Op.89 Polonaise (Acoustic Guitar Arr.)
    Op.120 Diabelli Variations 
    Op.129 Rage Over a Lost Penny (Acoustic Guitar Ver 2)
    Op.129 Rage Over a Lost Penny

    Fur Elise
    Wellington's Victory, for 2 Acoustic Guitars and 2 Hand Cannons
    Kurfurstensonata 2.1 (An Early Sonata)
    Symphony 3, Mvmt 1,  "Eroica" Liszt piano transcription (Acoustic Guitar Duo)
    Symphony 9, Mvmt 1 (Acoustic Guitar Duo)
    Diabelli Variations (Acoustic Guitar Duo, 3rd version)
    Diabelli Variations (Acoustic and Electric Guitars Duo, 2nd version)
    Hammerklavier Sonata Opus 106 (4 Guitar Arr)
    9 Variations On A March Of Dressler, WoO.63 (Acoustic Guitar Arr.)
    Grosse Fugue String Quartet Op.133 Dubstep Mix
    Grosse Fugue String Quartet Op.133 Drum n Bass Mix

    Other Composers:
    Bach on 12 Guitars (Chromatic Fantasia and Fugue BWV903)
    Bach - Goldberg Variations ala Squarepusher (Techno Version)
    Bach - Goldberg Grounds Squarepushed
    Bach - Violin Partita 1, M2 (Electric Guitar, MAM)
    Bach - Art of the Fugue (Electric Guitar)
    Bartok - Scherzo (Acoustic Guitar)
    Bartok - Mikrokosmos 122, 146, 113, 147 (Arr. for Guitar & Drums)
    Bartok - Mikrokosmos 148 - Bulgarian Dance 1 (Arr for Guitar & Drums)
    Bartok - Mikrokosmos 153 - Bulgarian Dance 6 (arr. for Guitar & Drums)
    Bartok - Mikrokosmos 149 - Burgarian Dance 2 (arr. for Guitar & Drums)
    Bartok - Mikrokosmos 140 - Free Variations (arr. for Guitar & Drums)
    Bartok - 3 Piano Works, arranged for guitar
    Bartok - Allegro Barbaro
    Bartok - Mikrokosmos (27 selections arranged for Acoustic Guitar)
    Bartok - String Quartet 2: II: Allegro molto capriccioso
    Bartok - String Quartet 4 
    Bartok - Suite for Piano Op.14 (Electric Rock) NEW
    Bartok - Suite for Piano Op.14 (Acoustic Guitar) NEW

    Chopin - Ballad No. 1, Op.23 (Acoustic Guitar Version)
    Chopin - Etude Op.10, No 12 (Acoustic Guitar Version)
    Chopin - Etude Op.10, No. 4 (Acoustic Guitar Version)
    Chopin - Polonaise, Op.44 No.5 (Acoustic Guitar Version)
    Chopin - Polonaise-Fantaisie, Op. 61 (Acoustic Guitar Version)
    Chopin - Scherzo 2 (Acoustic Guitar Version)
    Chopin - Scherzo 3 (Acoustic Guitar Version)
    Chopin - Scherzo 4 (Acoustic Guitar Version)
    Debussy - Cello Sonata
    Debussy - Fêtes (Ravel 4-Hands Arr., Guitar Ver.)
    Debussy - Golliwogg's Cakewalk (Acoustic Guitar)
    Debussy - La plus que lente (Guitar version)
    Debussy - String Quartet
    Debussy - Prelude to the Afternoon of A Faun (Acoustic Guitar)
    Debussy - Prelude to the Afternoon of A Faun
    Debussy - La Mer
    Debussy - 3 Nocturnes (Acoustic Guitar)
    Debussy - 3 Nocturnes
    Debussy - Preludes, Book 1 (Guitars, Cats)
    Debussy - Preludes, Book 2 (Guitars, Cats)
    Debussy - 6 Epigraphes Antiques
    Debussy - Violin Sonata

    Shostakovich - String Quartet 3, M3,5 
    Shostakovich - String Quartet 7
    Shostakovich - String Quartet 8: M2: Allegro Molto!
    Shostakovich - String Quartet 12
    Shostakovich - String Quartet 13
    Shostakovich - String Quartet 15 

    Grieg - String Quartet, Op.27, M1
    Janacek - String Quartet 2 
    Messiaen - Regard de l'Esprit de joie (Acoustic Guitar)
    Paganini - 24 Caprices (Acoustic Guitar)
    Poulenc - Flute Sonata M1 (2 Guitar Version)
    Prokofiev - Suggestion Diabolique (Acoustic Guitar)
    Ravel - String Quartet (Acoustic Guitar)
    Ravel - Laideronnette, impératrice des pagodes (Acoustic Guitar Version)
    Stravinsky - Rite of Spring (Rock Arr.) (Full Version)  (Part 1 Edit)  (Part 2 Edit) NEW!
    Stravinsky - Rite of Spring (8-bit Synthesis version) 
    Strauss - Salome's Dance (Electric Boogaloo Version)
    Verdi - String Quartet M1
    Webern - String Quartet 2nd Movement 
    Guitar Arrangements on:

    Beethoven - Op.3 String Trio
    Beethoven - Op.63 Piano Trio (Arr of Op.4)
    Beethoven - Op.8 Serenade for Trio
    Beethoven - Op.11, Piano Trio 4 "Gassenhauer"
    Beethoven - Op.17 Horn Sonata
    Beethoven - Op.20 Septet
    Beethoven - Op.41 Serenade (Op.25 for Flute and Strings)
    Beethoven - Op.42 Notturno (arrangement of String Trio, Op.8)
    Beethoven - Op.45 3 Marches
    Beethoven - Op.71 Sextet
    Beethoven - Op.77 Fantasy in G minor (3 Versions)
    Beethoven - Op.129 Rondo a capriccio, 'Rage over a Lost Penny', (3 Versions)
    Beethoven - WoO.32 Duo for Viola & Cello
    Beethoven - WoO.33 5 Musical Clock pieces
    Beethoven - WoO.47 Kurfurstensonate 2 (Acoustic Rock Arr.)
    Beethoven - 20 Sets of Piano Variations
    Beethoven - Song Lieder
    Beethoven - 3 Minimalist Derivations of the Grosse Fuge
    Beethoven Meets Terry Riley

    Bach - Chaconne (Electric Guitar)
    Bach - Goldberg Variations