MAM Videos (Rock arrangements put to bouncing balls)

Here is an index to all my videos of my guitar arrangements of Beethoven's music which are also accompanied by visuals generated by Stephen Malinowski's "MAM Player".  As a rule the music here is not as complete or as produced as the versions found on the "main" guitar arrangement page, but the visuals are pretty cool anyways.  All videos are accompanied by versions for 2 guitars, organ, bass and drums, unless otherwise specified.

Youtube-er "Smalin" (Stephen Malinowski) has been making visual scores of classical music for a few years now and when he made a "home-use" software version I was all over it. The only problem was that in it's current version it doesn't support soundfonts and does not render to video. Nonetheless I lovethese visual representations and they are the closest approximation to what I see in my mind's eye when listening to instrumental music. I ended up rendering the audio on Synthfont, screencasting the MAM Player with CamStudio, and syncing them up in WMM. Obviously just one step above recording these on a cellphone, but that's what it is for now. Smalin will hopefully release a new version of the MAM Player with rendering options in the coming year(s)...

String Quartets
Op.59 "Razumovsky"
Op.74 "Harp"
Op.95 "Serioso"
Op.133 "Grosse Fugue"
Op.133 "Grosse Fuge" (4 electric guitars)

Missa Solemnis
 - Gloria (corrected)

Mass in C
 - Kyrie (only)
 - Credo (only)

Diabelli Variations (Electric & Acoustic Guitars)
Diabelli Variations (Acoustic Guitars)
Piano Sonata 7.1 (midi piano, 1st attempt, very primitive)
Piano Sonata Op.106 "Hammerklavier" (4 Electric Guitars)
Symphony 1 (Electric & Acoustic Guitars)
Symphony 3 "Eroica"
Cello Sonata 4.4 (Midi sounds, very primitive)
32 Variations on Exotic Percusssion Instruments (WoO.80)
If Beethoven was Reborn as Webern  (WoO.80)
9 Variations On A March Of Dressler, WoO.63 (Toy Piano)

Bach - Violin Partita 1.2 (Electric Guitar)
Stravinsky : Rite of Spring (Midi orchestra)