Tuesday, July 5, 2011

7/5 Jonathan Grows Up

The Chamber Orchestra Kremlin
A while ago I did a post on young and exciting talents and one of the people I mentioned was Jonathan (Okseniuk), who did an AMAZING job conducting Beethoven's final movement to the 5th Symphony. You can see the video HERE.

Since then, Jonathan has skyrocketed in internet fame and even attracted the attention of a real conductor who had him conduct a chamber symphony arrangement of B.'s String Quartet #4, Op.18, No.4.  Here's a short video feature on this amazing little guy.


Another view of the performance can be seen here. Meanwhile back at home Jonathan is still conducting Symphony 6!

The Chamber Orchestra Kremlin can be seen below (with it's regular conductor, Misha Rachlevsky) performing the complete orchestrated string arrangement.
Pt 1-4: String Quartet #4, Op.18, No.4
Pt 5, 6:  String Quartet Op.131
Pt 7-10" String Quartet #4, Op.18, No.4 (alternate performance)


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