Sunday, October 31, 2010

10/31 Young Beethovens

Once in awhile I come across some amazing videos of young kids playing piano.  Could these be the Mozarts, Liszts and Beethovens of tomorrow? 

Here's Rachel performing the Tempest Piano Sonata (8 years old?) and the  'Rage over a Lost Penny' Op.129:

Not bad at all!

Kevin Weng (8) performs Sonata op 49. No. 2, 1st mvt at the Wonder-child competition:

Beethoven's Horn Sonata In F, Op.17 (1800) by 12 year old Jeffrey:

This one however, is of 4-year old Jonathan "conducting" Beethoven's 4th movement to the 5th Symphony - it's more on the cute side, but I have to admit his baton technique is pretty exciting - who knows, he could be the next Bernstein...

Finally here's a pretty humorous short film set to the first movement of the Serioso quartet Opus 95:

Happy Halloween!

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