Saturday, June 18, 2011

6/18 Valentina Lisitsa's Hanover Recording Sessions

Not too long ago I featured Valentina Lisitsa's exquisite rendition of Fur Elise here.  Ms. Lisitsa has a huge and wonderful Youtube channel featuring hours of her great pianistic ability, and so here's a "small" collection of her Beethoven recorded in Hannover, Germany, Dec 2009. 

Pt 1-3: Piano Sonata #7 In D, Op.10/3 (1798)
Pt 4-5: Piano Sonata #14 In C#m, Op.27/2, "Moonlight" (1801)
Pt 6-10: Piano Sonata #29 In Bb, Op.106, "Hammerklavier" (1818)

Linklist (Total length: 1 hour, 15 minutes)

More Beethoven by Ms. Lisitsa here - a LOT more.

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