Sunday, May 22, 2011

5/22 A Pretty Darn Good Selection of Piano Works

From Beethoven's early, "giddy" piano works to his last sublime piano achievements, with his most played piano work in the mix (you know the one), these are all very fine performances - but Valentina Lisitsa's "Fur Elise" especially stands out.  It's such a ubiquitous and over-exposed piano trifle - and yet here she makes it fresh as a spring day in the country...

Piano Sonatas 3, 13, 23, 32, WoO 76, Fur Elise (Total 1 hr, 40 min.)
Pt 1-4: Piano Sonata #3 In C, Op.2/3  (1795) (Johannes Gaechter)
Pt 5-6: Piano Sonata #13 In Eb, Op.27/1, "Quasi Una Fantasia" (1801) (Ran Dank)
Pt 7-8: Piano Sonata #23 In Fm, Op.57, "Appassionata" (1805) (Irina Lankova)
Pt 9-11: Piano Sonata #32, Op.111 (1822) (Corrado Rollero)
Pt 12: Variations on "Tändeln und Scherzen" from "Soliman oder die drei Sultaninnen" by Süssmayr, WoO.76 (1799) (Corrado Rollero)
Pt 13: Bagatelle 'Für Elise,' WoO.59 (1810) (Valentina Lisitsa)


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