Saturday, April 30, 2011

4/30 Barenboim Masterclasses 2

A Piano Notes Chart
Several months ago I featured some masterclasses given by Daniel Barenboim with some fairly well-established pianists such as Lang Lang, Jonathan Biss and Alessio Bax.  Here are some more classes held by Barenboim with:

Pt. 1-4: Shai Wosner & Piano Sonata #17 Op.31, No.2, "Tempest" 1. Largo, Allegro
Pt. 5-9: David Kadouch (expanded) & Piano Sonata #16, Op.31, No.1, 1. Allegro Vivace
Pt. 10-13: Abboud Ashkar & Piano Sonata #21, Op.53, "Waldstein" 1. Allegro Con Brio
Pt. 14-16: Javier Perianes & Piano Sonata #31, Op.110, 1. Moderato Cantabile, Molto Espressivo
It's kind of funny tho that sometimes Barenboim tells a student to play a certain way, and then the film cuts to Barenboim playing and forgetting his own advice...

Linklist (3 hours, 8 min)

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