Sunday, August 29, 2010

8/29 Barenboim on Beethoven

Recently Daniel Barenboim performed all 32 Beethoven piano sonatas in Berlin and they were all recorded for DVD. In addition to that, he recorded several "masterclasses" in Chicago where he would coach some famous young pianists of today, such as Lang Lang and Jonathan Biss. Here's a good chunk of his masterclass.  He coaches Alessio Bax on the Hammerklavier in vids 11-17.  Personally, Barenboim is not one of my favorite Beethoven interpreters, but what he has to say in these classes is still pretty illuminating...(though when Lang Lang performs here I find it best to close my eyes, not sure why).

Playlist (123 min)
Group A (80 min):
Pt 1-5: Lang Lang & Piano Sonata #23 In Fm, Op.57, "Appassionata" I. Allegro Assai
Pt 6: David Kadouch & Piano Sonata #16 In G, Op.31, No.1, I. Allegro Vivace
Pt 7-10: Jonathan Biss & Piano Sonata #30 In E, Op.109, III. Andante molto cantabile ed espressivo

Group B (43 min):
Pt 11-17: Alessio Bax & Piano Sonata #29 In Bb, Op.106, "Hammerklavier" IV. Largo, Allegro Risoluto

An alternative Playlist for Bax and Lang sets (100 min)

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