Friday, April 15, 2011

4/15 A Beat Box Fur Elise

Beethoven on the Moon (Beethoven Quadrangle)
Today is Friday so perhaps it's time for another installment of "Strange Versions of Beethoven's most over-exposed pieces"

Human beat boxing is absolutely fascinating and in my opinion a real art form. I don't go out of my way to listen to that stuff but I've seen some beat-box performances where one guy held 3000 people in thrall. Anyways, here's IMHO the best Beethoven Human Beat Box video of Fur Elise (and there are a few!)

This Fur Elise is actually fairly honest to the source material. The interesting thing is that he plays two guitars at the same time...

Fur Elise

Finally here's a more radical re-working of Fur Elise - but one which I kind of like...(and most of them I hate).

Beethoven = Ryo - Shall we march, Ms. Elise?

Beethoven Peninsula (Antarctica)

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  1. Not sure if you've seen this video or not, but this guys is incredible. He plays guitar along to the scherzo of the ninth.