Sunday, April 10, 2011

4/10 Brendel Masterclass / Another Folk Song Set

“Alfred Brendel on Music—collected Essays”
Having Alfred Brendel accompany his son on the Beethoven Cello Sonatas yesterday inspired me to continue the theme and present excerpts from his masterclass at New England Conservatory from November 5, 2009.  Here he coaches Sangyoung Kim playing Beethoven's Variations in E-Flat Major (Eroica) Op. 35.  A fascinating and rare look at one of today's modern virtuoso performers in a teacher-student setting.  We only have 11 minutes here sadly...


As a sequel of sorts to my set of all NON-English, Beethoven-arranged folksongs a few days ago, here is an ALL-English set from drtmuir's YT channel:
1. Scottish Folksongs: Songs from Op. 108: Behold my love, how green the groves / Oh, had my fate been join'd with thine / Come fill, fill my good fellow
2. Music, love and wine / O sweet were the hours / O swiftly glides the bonny boat
3. 2 Scottish Folksongs ?
4. 2 Irish Folksongs, WoO 154: Save me from the Grave and Wise / Put Round the Bright Wine
5. 3 Songs from Folksongs of Various Nations, WoO 157: Charlie is my darling / O Sanctissima / A Health to the Brave
6. My Harry / By the Side of the Shannon
7. 3 Folksongs from WoO 157, 156: The Wandering Minstrel / Robin Adair / Polly Stewart
(Total length: 52 minutes)


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