Saturday, March 5, 2011

3/5 Waldstein Analysis from Erik Reischl / "Whole Notes"

The "Waldstein" piano sonata is one of my all-time favorite piano works.  It starts out with that pounding chord intro (a Beethoven signature move) and goes through a dramatic journey of contrasting colors and moods.  Here's a great series of 12 very short (4-8 min.) piano lessons/analyses on the Waldstein by German pianist Erik Reischl. I haven't watched the whole thing as of this writing but the first few lessons are very engaging, even for a non-pianist such as myself. Excellent use of "visual aids" as well.

73 min.

Also, a while back I also wrote about this great animated flash analysis of the Waldstein 1st movement by José Rodríguez Alvira

Secondly, here's another recently uploaded short doc on LvB, this time from the "Whole Notes - Stories Behind The Classics" series on various classical composers. Some fine excerpts of B.'s works and the usual talking heads, but as many LvB docs as I've seen, there's always something new to learn.
Whole Notes - LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN Stories Behind The Classics (27 min)

Whole Notes - LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN - Stories Behind The Classics

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