Wednesday, March 2, 2011

3/2 Beethoven's Speech at the Oscar Awards

Last Sunday the film "The King's Speech" won the Academy Award for Best Picture of 2010.  One LvB-related news item which has been floated in the blogosphere is the use of Beethoven's 7th Symphony (specifically the 2nd movement Allegretto).  I had heard that B.'s music was in this film, but for some reason or another my wife ended up seeing it before me.  She told me that, yes, indeed B.'s music had a big part in the climactic scene.  So eventually I saw it, somewhat with the expectation that Beethoven would come swooping down to the King's aid in his quest for verbal articulation - so I was just a bit disappointed that in the actual scene where Colin Firth deliveres the most important speech of the film at the climactic moment, the King didn't have the 5th Symphony blasting in his headphones!  Yes, they used the 7th's Allegretto as incidental music but it was just scoring and not "source" music (music existing within the reality of the film).  Oh well.  Nonetheless it was a great scene made greater with the use of B.'s Allegretto 7th (just like it was used in "Knowing", a Nike ad, and innumerable other places....which you can see HERE and HERE)

I hadn't originally planned on writing about this film at all since it's been well-covered on other blogs, but since they used the same music (well - soundtrack) during the final video montage before announcing the Best Picture Award, I decided I might as well throw that clip out here...thinking that might not be as well-blogged (tho I assume millions more people saw this montage than the actual "King's Speech" film).

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