Monday, December 20, 2010

12/20 Beethoven's Jingles

Art, meet Commerce.
Beethoven's music has been effectively used to sell everything from cars, wine, sex and as a deterrent against TV piracy....

BMW - See How It Feels (UNKLE remix of the 2nd Movement of the 9th Symphony)

Reebok Commercial (2nd Movement of 7th)

Orson Welles, Paul Masson 1978 (5th)

Classic "976" Party Line Commercial from the 1980's (5th)

German Dinner - NBC TV (Namibia 2009) (2nd Movement of 7th)

This is Youtube user "Destrega2097"'s personal full cg project about the Audi R8 - incredible work.  And Beethoven turns into Iron Man in the second half...which actually works. (Moonlight Sonata)

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