Friday, March 11, 2011

3/11 The Moonlight Sonata on Theremin / Marilyn Monroe Prefers Beethoven

(Clara Rockmore with Theremin)
Beethoven on the theremin - that's something you don't hear very often.  Most people have probably heard the sound of a theremin in sci-fi movies (Bernard Herrmann used FOUR in "The Day the Earth Stood Still") but the theremin is actually an instrument which was first considered a "classical" instrument.  Here's a fascinating theremin concert by Youtuber Thomas Grillo, including 2 works by LvB. The Beethoven pieces can be found at these times if you want to jump straight in:
17:58 Minuet in G (WoO.10, N2)
20:43 Moonlight Sonata
"Enjoy a half hour of Classical works played by Thomas Grillo on the Burns B3 Deluxe theremin with accompaniment generousely provided by Kristian Banatzianou of and Peter Nagy."


Additionally, here's the 2nd movement from the Pathetique Sonata on theremin performed by :


Even tho I'd just recently posted a color analysis of Opus 130, here's a fun tribute/mash-up of the final movement with Marilyn Monroe in "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" - just as colorful, but in a different way...
String Quartet No. 13 In B Flat Major, Op.130:VI. Allegro

Beethoven vs Monroe
Apparently Beethoven works with everything from the "King's Speech" to the "Glamour Icon's Dance"...somewhat.

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