Thursday, January 6, 2011

1/6 Thirty-Two Piano Sonatas in 153 secs.

(Nomo123's Origami Piano)
I find it interesting that alot of scorebooks of Beethoven's piano sonatas have a "Table of Contents" listing the first measure or two of each sonata - if you can read music then you're set!  My reading skills could be better I have to admit - which is why I wish these books would have a touchpad where you could press a button and the first 2 bars would pop out...hmmm..that gives me an idea:

Here's a T.o.C. from an "historical" score book:

And here's all 32 themes as indicated in the above pic...(from recordings by Paul Badura-Skoda on historical pianos..)

This might come in handy...

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