Wednesday, December 22, 2010

12/22 Keeping Score with Beethoven on Youtube

Following along to the score adds immensely to the experience of listening to Beethoven (or any classical music, really).  For most pop or rock music I can just put it on and bop around while doing some household chores (and you can happily do that to the 2nd movement of the 9th as well) but in B.'s music it's also quite cool to see the wheels and cogs at work in these things.  I've posted a couple times before (here and here) about some methods to throw on some Midi files and follow then through software, but for really low maintenance, casual score-following, these Youtube vids are very handy.  Also they are performed by real people on real pianos, that never hurts....Saturday I already posted one of these "Sonata-scores" (Pathetique by Annie Fischer) so here's a few more....

11 Bagatelles, Opus 119 (various composition dates) by Alfred Brendel (13 min)
(except No.8)


Bagatelles 7-11 (performed by Roland Pöntinen at Stockholm Konserthaus, since Bagatelle 8 was missing in "Big Al's set")

Piano Sonata No. 2 Op. 2 No. 2 (Murray Perahia, pt 1-4)


Of course nowadays there's Mario Paint, I suppose to get the kids interested?
"Moonlight Sonata"

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