Saturday, December 18, 2010

12/18 Alpha/Omega: The Pathetique...and the Last Sonata

Here are a couple of Beethoven's most important and engrossing piano sonatas, the first "titanic" sonata Beethoven ever wrote, followed by his solo sonata "swan song", Opus 111.  It's fascinating to see what a wide span of musical landscape lies in between these 2 harmonically profound obelisks....

Sonata No.8 Op.13 Pathetique (1798) (by Annie Fischer, with score - one of my favorite interpreters...)   (18 Min )


And here's Richter's Opus 111, two versions, since one can never get enough of Opus 111!
Sonata No.32 Opus 111 (1822) (47 min)
Sviatoslav Richter (2 performances)
1st time (Tokyo, early 1974, pt 1-2)
2nd time (Moscow, 1975, pt 3-5)


And finally, here's Opus 13 AND Opus 111 both performed by Eric Heidsieck (there's some minor audio glitches - sadly that's the way it is...):

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