Tuesday, November 16, 2010

11/16 Beethoven's Homework, Orchestrated

There are many "new" arrangements of Beethoven's music - from Gustav Mahler's arrangement of the Ode to Joy movement for 6 trombones (at the Klimt Secession show) to Franz Liszt's piano transcriptions of the 9 symphonies.  Of course in modern days there was a BeeGees arrangement of the 5th too...

Anyways I recently came across this fascinating item on a vinyl restoration blog: Alexander Brott's "Young Prometheus, Contrapunctal Studies of Beethoven, Transcribed and Arranged for Late 18th Century Orchestra". I'm pretty sure Beethoven never imagined in his wildest dreams that his homework with Albrechtsberger would get arranged for full orchestra, but there you have it. Actually I quite like it, it's a fascinating new look at some very obscure Beethoveniana....

Here's Prelude and Fugue in E minor  (originally for String Trio, Hess 29)
and here's Double Fugue with 3 subjects in F major  (Triple Fugue, Hess 244 nr. 2)
I haven't used Soundcloud for awhile because sometimes the widgets don't work - I hope they fixed the problem....

There's also quite alot of midi files of these counterpoint studies at the Unheard Beethoven.  Interesting stuff.


  1. Really good! The first piece in particular impressed me; it's such a pity that the "Hess music" is rarely recorded, but I always hope for an "Absolutely Complete Beethoven Edition" :)

    Mario Kraus

  2. LOL an "Absolutely Complete Beethoven Edition" sounds great - maybe in 2027, the 200th memorial year?

  3. A bit earlier would be better :D


  4. Magnificent,

    BTW what was the name of the blog you found these on?