Monday, September 6, 2010

9/6 Beethoven vs P.D.Q. Bach

These aren't the sonatas you're looking for.
I was going to do a big post for my 50th post but it's a holiday today so I'll save it for tomorrow (I'll be answering the single most-asked question I get from this blog).  So today here's something different...

There are very few Beethoven parodies that are actually funny and don't rely on deafness jokes.  Even rarer is one that is enriching on a musical level.  This video has been around for awhile but if you've never heard it then it's quite a treat.  If I could only analyze B's pieces so deftly as this!  Presenting PDQ Bach....

The conductor's name...LOL!


  1. Fell off my chair at the PDQ item! It told you more about the music than most serious attempts.