Friday, August 20, 2010

8/20 Copyist Problems

Cello Sonata Opus 69?
Beethoven had some problems with copyists after his longtime copyist Wenzel Schlemmer died.

Here's a letter from a certain Ferdinand Wolanek:

Beethoven's reply: a big X and...

The original document has a bit more flair to it tho:
Text from "Letters to Beethoven and Other Correspondence: 1824-1828 by Theodore Albrecht"

By the way, the page at the top (Cello Sonata Opus 69) is not the score in question.   It was probably the finale to the 9th Symphony which you can see here.

"Alle Menschen werden Brüder"....indeed.

Also of course, there's the movie "Copying Beethoven" which looks so awful I haven't been able to bring myself to rent it.

An Amazon Review:  "This CD was supposed to be soft, easy music that would help you go to sleep. I did go to sleep almost immediately but not because of the music--I was just very tired. However, the music actually woke me up a couple of times when it got just a little louder. Maybe it's me, but I didn't find this product to do as promised." 


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