Friday, July 8, 2011

7/8 Clockwork and a Calendar

From a "Beethoven Calendar"
Remix time...
Marc Heatley: Created as part of Sound Affairs' 2008 "Ludwig" tour - "A tribute to Beethoven in music and film."  I was asked to create original work in response to the music. This piece (to accompany the Orlando Gough composition "Dead White European Male") is based on David Pelham's iconic 1972 Penguin cover to the Anthony Burgess' classic "A Clockwork Orange".
"Dead White European Male" (Symphony 7 Allegretto remix)


Coriolan Overture (Dance Style)
(wykonanie Krashgul)


If 1907 comes around again this will be handy:

A Beethoven Kalendar from 1907...

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