Sunday, June 5, 2011

6/5 Lieder Redux 2 (More Clarinet and Guitar Arrangements)

Yesterday I featured my sequenced arrangements of some of Beethoven's song lieder in the form of guitar and clarinet duos.  This time I cover some of my favorite lieder without Opus numbers:

1. WoO 116 Que le temps me dure (How slowly time passes) 2 Versions

2. WoO 118 Seufzer eines Ungeliebten - Gegenlieb (Sigh of one who is unloved - Love returned)

3. Some Short Songs w/o Opus numbers:
  • WoO 125 La tiranna (The tyranny) (0:04)
  • Hess 133 Das Liebe Katzchen (The Dear Kitten) (2:30)
  • WoO 142 Der Bardengeist (The Bardic spirit) (2:56)
  • WoO 117 Der freie Mann (The free Man) (3:34)
4. WoO.131 Erlkoenig 

5. WoO 134 Sehnsucht (Longing)


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