Tuesday, June 14, 2011

6/14 "The Vale of Clwyd": A Welsh Folk Song

The Vale of Clwyd

"The Vale of Clwyd" (Welsh: Dyffryn Clwyd) is a folk song arranged by Beethoven as part of 26 Welsh Songs WoO.155 (1810).  I've never heard of it but when I looked it up on the web I immediately knew B. would have loved it there.  Here's a great performance filmed from the balcony of someone's living room..

"The Vale of Clwyd" (text), from 26 Welsh Songs WoO.155 (1810).
with Anne Roberts, Gordon Robson, James Ruggles and Margaret Sewell on vocals.

Salon Classical House Concerts Beethoven Welsh Songs

Think not I'll leave fair Clwyd's vale;
To me 'tis fondly dear!
For still its scenes those hours recall
When I was blest (when I was blest) and Henry here.

Long, long, to part our willing hands
An angry father strove;
While sorrow press'd on Henry's health,
A sorrow nurs'd, (a sorrow nurs'd) by hopeless love.

Nor was the idea vain:
How sad thou art, he cried;
But smile again, my darling child;
For thou shalt be thy Henry's bride.

At that glad sound, on wings of love,
To Henry's cot I flew:
But, ah! The transient flush of joy
From his wan cheek too soon withdrew.

'Twas doubtful bliss, 'twas sure alarm;
I only smil'd through tears:
But soon we hailed the bridal day,
And Love's fond hopes o'ercame its fears.

Ah! Hopes too false; ah! Fears too true,
Nor love nor joy could save:
I can no more, - but mark you turf
With flow'rs o'erspread, - 'tis Henry's grave!

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