Monday, May 9, 2011

5/9 A Hammerklavier-Inspired Harp Concerto

Ancient Harp from Ur
A while ago I featured Felix Weingartner's orchestrated version of the Hammerklavier piano sonata. Recently I came across a "harp concerto" arrangement of the slow 3rd movement arranged by Boris Tishchenko. The harp is an instrument Beethoven rarely wrote for (The Creatures of Prometheus ballet being a notable occasion) but this arrangement gives an idea of what a Beethoven harp concerto might have sounded like had he completed one.  The harp texture in the more energetic section gives the piece a momentary "gypsy" feel....

I put together a playlist below featuring the above-mentioned Tishchenko harp and string orchestra arrangement followed by some other harp-arrangements of B.'s works for good measure.
Pt 1-2: Lamento for harp and string orchestra (Arr. of LvB Hammerklavier 3rd Movement)
Pt 3-4: Serenade Op.25 for Flute, Violin and Harp
Pt.5: Moonlight Sonata 1st Movement (on harp)
Pt.6: Pathetique Sonata 2nd Movement (on harp)
Pt.7: Fur Elise (on harp)
Pt.8: Sonatina in G major 2nd Mvmt (Romance) (Anh. 5) (on harp)


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