Sunday, May 8, 2011

5/8 Levine's Fidelio (with Subtitles)

The theatrical mask contemplated by a putto on the Beethoven
monument by Kaspar von Zumbusch (Vienna, 1880) commemorates
Beethoven's sole opera in the city where it made its debut.
Beethoven's Opera, Fidelio
Conducted by James Levine
Production: Jürgen Flimm · Set Design: Robert Israel Costume Design: Florence von Gerkan
with Karita Mattila · Ben Heppner · René Pape · Falk Struckmann Robert Lloyd · Matthew Polenzani · Jennifer Welch-Babidge
Metropolitan Opera Chorus,  Metropolitan Opera Orchestra

This is one of those modern 20th century stagings of a 19th century opera.  Personally, I have some trouble with these kinds of modern reimaginings, but I suppose if an opera is almost 200 years old, it can stand a few "unusual" variations.  Either way, Maestro Levine's music direction is great and this particular YT video actually has subtitles. 

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