Thursday, May 5, 2011

5/5 Wrapping Up ScoreVideos

Here's the last of the ScoreVideo posts...this one covers everything not previously covered in piano sonatas, symphonies (in full score and in piano reductions) and chamber works. I'm going to try and keep these ScoreVideo playlists updated as long as I can (or at least for a few more weeks..?).

As this blog is as much a project for self-education as it is anything else, I've definitely gotten better at score-reading through following these videos, so I hope this has helped my readers as well...

Rondo Op. 51, No. 1 
Jenö Jandó, piano

Piano Works:
  • 12 Minuets (Jando)
  • Rondo a Capriccio Op.129 "Rage over a Lost Penny" (Jando)
  • Rondo in A (Jando)
  • Rondo Op.51 No1, 2 (Jando)
  • Andante Favori, WoO.57 (Jando)
  • Symphony 7, Piano Arr by Franz Liszt (Howard)
  • Bagatelle Op.33, No.1, 7 
  • Fur Elise
  • Diabelli Variations (Sokolov)
  • Ecossaise WoO.83 (Gyorgy)
  • Symphony 9, 4th Mvmt, Piano Arr by Franz Liszt (Katsaris) 
  • Fantasia Op. 77(Ciani)
  • Sonatina WoO.50 (Brautigam)
  • Bagatelle "Lustig - Traurig" WoO.54 (Cascioli)
  • Prelude WoO.55 (Cascioli)
  • Minuet WoO.82
  • Bagatelle Op.126, No.3 (Biss)
  • Kurfürstensonaten WoO.47 M1, M2
  • Bagatelle in F (Last work?)
  • Piano Concerto 1, Op.15
11 Piano Bagatelles, Op. 119 (Brendel)
6 Piano Bagatelles Op.126 (Brendel)
Eroica Variations for Piano (Kempff) Op.35 w Manuscript

Symphony 6 Op.68 (Boult) w Manuscript

Overtures in Full Score
  • Coriolan, Op.62
  • Egmont, Op.84
  • Leonore II, Op.72a
  • Wellington's Siege, Op.91
  • Choral Fantasia Op.80
  • King Stephen
  • Ruins of Athens

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