Tuesday, May 3, 2011

5/3 Symphonies 2, 4 and 5 Analyzed/Annotated

As a fan of visually-aided analyses of Beethoven's music, I'm really impressed by Youtuber corksmusic1 for his annotated videos. His interpretations are generally very entertaining, and though sometimes the text flashes by really fast, the message and structure comes through quite nicely.

Here's a collection of his analyses up till now...
Pt. 1-4: Symphony 4 (MI, III, IV) (Noseda, BBC Phil)
Pt. 5-8: Symphony 5 (Llewellyn, BBC Symphony)
Pt. 9-10: 6 Piano Bagatelles Op.126 (Piano Ashley Wass)
Pt. 11-12: Cello Sonata 4 Op.102/1 (Peter Frankl (piano) / Frans Helmerson (cello))
Pt. 13-18: Symphony 2 (Harmonieband conducted by Charles Hazlewood)
Pt. 19: String Quartet Op.95 "Serioso" MI (Endellion Quartet)

Linklist (132 min)

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