Friday, May 20, 2011

5/20 "Heavy Metal" Beethoven (Carillons And Music Boxes)

I had no idea what a carillon was until I saw this video.  What a fascinating instrument.  Part organ, part voting machine - and part whack-a-mole.  It also happens to be the heaviest instrument ever invented (more than 100 tons in some cases).  How on earth do they get those onto the school buses? This piece was originally written for musical clock.  Ironic, isn't it?

5 Pieces for Musical Clock, WoO.33 (1799) - No. 4 C-dur Allegro non più molto (on Carillon)
Spring 2011- Carillon Performance for UC Berkeley Cal Day 2011
Performed by Jessie Lee (Primo) and Stanley Tang (Secondo)

Carillon Performance for UC Berkeley Cal Day 2011

From massive to tiny, here's "Minuet in G Maj", "Fur Elise", and "Symphony No.9" on the Sankyo Orpheus 50-Note music box:

Beethoven Sankyo Orpheus 50N

A different kind of music box can be seen here.  This guy gets pretty creative by afterwards flipping the "record" over and playing it backwards.  Did I hear any "backwards masking" in there?

Beethoven 9, forwards and backwards

Getting "big" again, but still in the theme of long tines being struck, here's the Adagio from the Pathetique on marimba...

 Piano Sonata No. 8 in c minor, op. 13, Adagio Cantabile (Beethoven) Marimba

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