Saturday, May 14, 2011

5/14 The Robert Greenberg Lectures

Robert Greenberg's Teaching Company Lectures were a great help to me when I was first getting my feet wet with classical music in general and Beethoven in particular.  He has a pretty outgoing and fun approach to lecturing on music and his "Wordscore Guides" were very helpful when I was doing those video-annotated analyses of the first 5 symphonies.  Now a good chuck of his lecturing is available online so...get your Greenberg on!

30. The French Revolution and an Introduction to Beethoven

31. Beethoven's 5th Symphony Part 1

32. Beethoven's 5th Symphony Part 2

You can find about 40 more of these Greenberg lectures at (DialTeam01's public videos)

Here's a single 71 minute lecture (in front of a live audience) Professor Greenberg gave called "Heart, Soul and Dollar".
01.    Introduction
02.    Language of Music
03.    Search for Meaning
04.    Interpretive Potential
05.    Waste No Time
06.    Shostakovich Threatened by Stalin
07.    Fifth Symphony
08.    Fifteenth Symphony
09.    West African Polyrhythm
10.    Microtonal Pitches
11.    Call and Response
12.    Brahms Meets Schumann
13.    First Piano Concerto
14.    Beethoven Imitation
15.    Finding Truth in Music
16.    Q1: Music Education
17.    Q2: Modern Composers
18.    Q3: Taste

Music: Heart, Soul and Dollar - Robert Greenberg


  1. God, you have an absolutely never-ending supply of interesting shit. Awesome post.

  2. Thanks, Erik. But I'm looking at my content for the next few weeks shaking my head and thinking 'enjoy it while it lasts..'

    Just kidding. I hope.