Friday, May 13, 2011

5/13 Beethoven on Baritone Garbage Truck

Today featuring a mixed bag of multi-disciplinary approaches to Beethoven...and I mean multi-disciplinary...

Lydia Koniordou recites extracts from the poem of Yiannis Ritsos "Moonlight Sonata" in Greek.

Lydia Koniordou recites "Moonlight Sonata" a poem by Yiannis Ritsos

Old HP scanner is happy and sings the Ode to Joy.

Scanner plays Beethoven

Garbage Truck in Taiwan: Fur Elise - (Turn down the volume, this is a bit LOUD!)

Kaohsiung - garbage truck

Finally, there's always the pop version of the 7th Symphony Allegretto 2nd movement with Karaoke recorder visuals.

Allegretto (7e symphonie) - Beethoven (flûte à bec)

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