Sunday, April 24, 2011

4/24 Beethoven at El Jardín de Belagua

At El Jardín de Belagua ("The Garden of Belagua") they hold regular chamber music concerts in the intimate setting of a very large living room. Their Youtube channel broadcasts these performances to the world outside.  I really like that the camera is stationary and concentrates on the performer's hands and body movements.  There are far too many "concert videos" where the camera swoops around the room or zooms in on the performer's "sweaty brow" - that drives me crazy.  So here's a concert program compiled from some fine performances there of Beethoven works:

Pt. 1-3: Piano Sonata #6 In F, Op.10, No.2 (1797)
Pt. 4-7: Violin Sonata No.5 FM 'Spring', Op.24 (1801)
Pt. 8-11: Piano Sonata #13 In Eb, Op.27, No.1, "Quasi Una Fantasia" (1801)
Pt. 12-13: Piano Trio 4 (Clarinet ver), Op.11 "Gassenhauer" (1798) (I, II)
Pt. 14-15: Piano Trio 2 in G Op.1 No.2  (1794) (II, IV)
Pt. 16: Duo (Clarinet & Cello arr.), WoO 27, No.2, (III. Rondo)

Linklist (83 min)

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