Sunday, April 17, 2011

4/17 Herreweghe's "Eroica" / Stern & Abbado's Violin Concerto in D

Isaac Stern teams up here with a very young Claudio Abbado on Beethoven's Violin Concerto. Stern here is so one with the music - it's like he's completely transparent and the music is just flowing through him. His command of dynamics and his ability to "thread through" the orchestral textures is downright preternatural. I wish the recording and sound were a bit better, but it's still pretty superb.

Beethoven - Isaac Stern - Abbado - Orchestre National de France (1980)

Secondly, here's Philippe Herreweghe and the Radio Kamer Filharmonie from 2/20/11 at the Concertgebouw Amsterdam.  Maestro Herreweghe has a style that is both modern (historically informed) and yet respectful of the romantic tradition.  Another great "Eroica"...

Beethoven Symphony no. 3 - Philippe Herreweghe

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