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3/28 LvB Timelines

Timeline of the Universe (NASA)
One of the most thorough Beethoven websites I've found is Gary D. Evans' Indexed Biography. The highlight of his site is his timeline which tracks Beethoven's life, year by year, linking works with life changes with historical happenings. If you ever wanted to know what B. did at age 18 you can see an excerpt from Gary's site below:

AGE 18 THROUGH AGE 19 [1789]
op 39: 2 Preludes for organ or piano
op 52: 8 Leider
WoO 1: Musik zu einem Ritterballett
WoO 38: Trio-piano,violin cello #8 in Eb
WoO 40: 12 vars for piano & violin in F
WoO 64: 6 vars for harp or piano in F
WoO 65: 24 vars in D on "Venni Amore"
WoO 67: 8 vars for piano duet in C theme composed by Count Waldstein.



Jan 3 Opera Theater opened in Bonn. B. played viola
in orchestra where met Nikalaus Simrock (horn) & Antone Reicha (flautist).
Works performed included Mozart's

"Die Entfuhrung aus dem Serail"
October Storming of the Bastille in France.
Oct 13- 2/23/90 2nd opera season at the Opera Theater - works
performed included Mozart's "Nozzedi Figaro" and his "Don
Nov 20 B. made request of Bonn officials for ½ father's
salary given father's alcoholism (½ of 200 Rheinthalers) for brothers
& household care. Father ordered to leave Bonn. Beethoven's father asked
him to not use the decree granted and instead gave Beethoven 25 Rheinthalers
per quarter. This was faithfully continued for the following 3 years
until his death in December 1792 [Anderson v1p5-6: see 1793]
? Played viola in court & theater orchestras.
? Wegeler back from Vienna Med.Sch. - now MD.
Practice./profess. med. in Bonn

As you can see it's well-organized and provides pretty much everything you need to know about B.'s work and life in that year.  Enter the site here:

Another pretty cool more "visually-oriented" timeline of classical music in general can be found here:
Hernan Mouro's Timeline page.  Mr. Mouro's page is pretty cool because you can drag it around from the bottom half and see virtually the entire history of classical music in one page.  Excellent use of a timeline web-widget!

For more timelines of classical music in general, these are some great links:

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