Sunday, March 27, 2011

3/27 Glenn Gould, Concert Dropout

For some reason I really enjoy listening to Glenn Gould talk - probably even more than listening to him play!  ...Then again I'd rather listen to his Beethoven piano sonatas again before re-hearing one of his "interviews" - no longevity is apparently the problem.

This recent discovery on YT was a fun listen though, "Glenn Gould: Concert Dropout".

From the cover it says:
Partial Agenda:
The Concert is Dead
The Only Excuse for Recording is to Do it Differently
The Great Get-Sibelius Plot Exposed
A Live Audience is a Great Liability
Petula Clark's Songs are in the Post-Mendelssohn Tradition
Why I Sing Along
Electronic Music is the Future

Apparently this was a largely scripted and edited affair - but it still answers a great many questions about Gould's later view on life and music.

This record is followed by "At Home with Glenn Gould" which was recorded while Gould was still playing live concerts - maybe this one was "real" since I found it far less interesting...
Pt 1-6: Glenn Gould: Concert Dropout (54 min)
Pt 7-15: At Home with Glenn Gould (1 hr 17 min)


And here we have an excerpt of Glenn Gould performing to "no one" and re-interpreting Liszt reinterpreting Beethoven's Pastoral Symohony - this seems to encapsulate everything Gould talks about in the interview, right?

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  1. I would love to hear the Stokowski conducted version of Beethoven's Emperor Concerto he mentioned. Haven't found it anywhere.