Friday, March 18, 2011

3/18 If Beethoven Played a Toy Piano

About a month ago I posted Margaret Leng Tan's performance of the 1st movement of the Moonlight Sonata on toy pianos.  So when I recently came across some soundfonts for toy piano I "went to town" so to speak.  As regular readers are well aware, one of my favorite pasttimes is making music videos of Beethoven's works sequenced through midi and performed on alternate instrumentation.  So here is Beethoven's earliest published work (at age 12) - performed on the "RedGrand" toy piano sample set. It starts out a bit slow - but gets going soon enough...

9 Variations On A March Of Dressler, WoO.63 (1782) (Arr. for Toy Piano)
Toy Piano Arrangement by Ed Chang using Synthfont. / RedGrand
Original MIDI sequence for piano by Bunji Hisamori
Visuals from Stephen Malinowski's MAM Player


And here's a live version performed on a harpsichord/cembalo - which sounds a little bit weird to me (and for me to say that it must mean something):
(Wilhelm Krumbach, Cembalo)


The original version for piano can be found HERE.

(I also did a version of this piece for acoustic guitar here: 9/24 If Beethoven Played Guitar V1)

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