Thursday, March 10, 2011

3/10 String Quartet Op.133 "Grosse Fuge" (Color Analysis and Rock Arr.)

Yesterday was the color chart/video of Opus 130, and since the Grosse Fugue was originally the grand finale of Opus 130 it seems necessary to put up Mr. Rich's color breakdown of this crazy and fun behemoth.  I think this is like the 2nd or 3rd analysis of the G.F. I've posted, but this one is pretty much all from Alan Rich's book, "Play by Play".  Personally I like my own analysis better, his is a little too simplified for my tastes, but I learned alot from his....

String Quartet Op.133 "Grosse Fuge" (1826)
Guarneri Quartet

Overture (MAROON)
1st Theme
2nd Theme
3rd Theme
4th Theme

Part I: fugue (based on 4th Theme): (BROWN)
Entrance 1
Entrance 2
Entrance 3
Entrance 4
Exposition (partial)
Variations on subject
Exposition (partial)
Exposition (variations on subject)

Part II: (BLUE)
3rd Theme (return)
3rd Theme (several fugue-like entrances)
3rd Theme (fragments)
3rd Theme (variation)

2nd Theme (return)
2nd Theme: fugue
2nd Theme: fugue (abridged)
2nd Theme (variation)
2nd Theme (further variation)

3rd Theme (return)

2nd Theme (return)
2nd Theme (development)
1st Theme (return)

Part VI: fugue (based on part I) (OLIVE)
1st Theme (return)
Part I (variation)

(form breakdowns from Alan Rich's "Play by Play")

Rock Arrangement:

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  1. Grosse Fuge is universe condensed to sixteen minutes.
    By the by, why the Dark Side of the Moon prism?