Sunday, February 20, 2011

2/20 Diabelli Variations (Berezovsky, Puppulo, Brendel)

I know I've come back to the Diabelli Variations a few times before - but this is one of those works which traverses so much territory and so many's one of those few piano works which can justifiably be performed in concert every 4 days without seeming over-played...

This performance by Mr. Berezkovsky is a superb traversal of "the 33", and excellently recorded - and it's not always true that you get both...
Diabelli Variations Op.120 (1823)
performed live by Boris Berezovsky: (1 Hour)


This LINK will take you to a performance of the Diabelli Variations by Elsa Puppulo - I actually like this performance a great deal - but the sound quality is not the best. Still, well worth a listen - her accents are so fierce it sounds almost like a fortepiano at times (which I mean as a good thing)....her Bartok is also pretty exciting!

Finally, here's another one of those wonderful "score-following" videos - follow Alfred Brendel along as he plays the Diabelli 33: LINKLIST.

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