Wednesday, February 2, 2011

2/2 Fur Elise Fantasia for Contrabassoon and Guitar

It always surprises me at how stripped down Beethoven's arrangements are compared to say, Debussy or Mahler.  He only had one work with a harp in fact.  Of course many new instruments were invented after Beethoven's time.  If Beethoven were alive today would he be writing a contra-bassoon Sonata?
Bagatelle 'Für Elise,' WoO.59 (1810) (for Contrabassoon ensemble)

Then again, maybe there WERE contra-bassoons in B.'s day and he left well-enough alone...;)

And here's another guitar arrangement I made with SynthFont which I don't think I've posted yet....
Fantasia In G Minor Op.77 (1809) (Acoustic Guitar arrangement)

Here's a "real" version by Geoffrey Tozer who I've never heard of until I came across this video (why have I never heard of this guy? This is great!).

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