Monday, February 14, 2011

2/14 Ode to My Hammer-guitarre, or "If Beethoven Played the Guitar Edition 99"

As an experiment, I used my handy MIDI-switchblade to switch a few voices in the 4th Movement of Beethoven's 9th Symphony...I was curious to hear the Ode to Joy on a purely harmonic and melodic level without the beautiful text - so goodbye vocal soloists and choir, hello guitars! I also left out the first section (instrumental overture) since it had no vocals (guitar material). For visuals I decided to make the whole thing a tribute to my guitar - it is Valentine's Day after all ;) .
(Picture effects are from
Symphony 9 Movement 4 "Ode to Joy with Guitar samples

I also took the "liberty" of arranging the Hammerklavier Piano Sonata for electric guitars...another MIDI-sourced Synthfont-assisted musical Frankenstein. Interestingly, right after I rendered the audio file, the program crashed...maybe Ludwig is trying to tell me something?
The "Hammer-Guitarre" Sonata arrangement of Beethoven's Opus 106

I   0:06 
II  12:51 
III 15:05 
IV  28:40
I actually did an earlier video-rendition (music is the same) using spectrum analysis instead of the Malinowski MAM Player - that can be found HERE.

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