Friday, February 11, 2011

2/11 Beethoven Guitar Concertos - and a Red Dress

Today's 'Friday cover' is an excerpt from a recent concert featuring Beethoven's Triple Concerto (one of my personal favorites and recently posted here on historical instruments) performed by a chamber orchestra with a jazz/metal fusion trio as the soloists.  As a guitarist myself, I've heard Mattias IA Eklundh's original CD's in the past and he's an interesting guitarist - but I never expected this!  Frankly, I don't think the Vienna Phil will be scheduling these guys any time soon as guest soloists - but it's still pretty admirable and fun.
"Patrik Jablonski - piano, Mattias IA Eklundh - guitar and Jonas Hellborg - bass, performing Beethoven's Triple Concerto together with Vasteras Chamber Orchestra conducted by Hans Ek."

Since it's apparently 'guitar-day', here's some excerpts from a guitar version of the Violin Concerto, transcribed by Kazuhito Yamashita and performed here solo by Tariq Harb.

Some excellent liner notes from the original release by Yamashita can be found HERE. Apparently he even performed this with a guitar orchestra arrangement - I would love to hear that!

Newsflash!  The winner of "Project Beethoven" has been announced!  What's that? No, not a secret cloning project to bring back the greatest musical genius in human history, but a fashion design contest asking for dresses inspired by the music of Ludwig van Beethoven.
Here's the winner:
Design by Maria Canada
"Project Beethoven featured evening wear designs by ten talented fashion students affiliated with schools throughout the greater Boston area. Patrons viewed the dresses, presented by models chosen by the designers, and enjoyed the festive Symphony Hall atmosphere before taking their seats for the concert."
Fascinating idea - I'm sure B. would have approved...
More info and the other 9 entries HERE...

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