Friday, January 7, 2011

1/7 War Games

I've posted a few times before (here and here) about how appropriate I think Beethoven's music would be for modern film scores.  Apparently he's already quite popular in the "Early-19th-Century-Warfare-Video-game" genre..
WARNING: Like all modern videogames seem to have nowadays, these have lots of computer-generated guns and shooting - and HORSES.  (These are apparently "fan-made" vids, but they look quite nice IMHO.)

Napoleonic Total War 2 Cavalry Trailer (Violin Concerto Op.61)

Napoleonic Total War 2 Infantry Trailer (Eroica finale)

Empire: Total War by "dmovieproduction" (Fur Elise)

Beethovan goes on an urban rampage in this one...kind of "Godfather" meets Tarantino?
"If GTA was an art film..." (7th Symphony Allegretto) by "Shane063"

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