Monday, January 17, 2011

1/17 Piano Sonatas 5 and 8, Symphony 7 (Jussens, van Zweden)

Homework (Pathétique Introduction)
Today's a holiday for many of us here in the States (Martin Luther King Jr. Day) so I'll feature another "longer" concert, much like I do on the weekends.  Lately Youtube has relaxed their video length limitations dramatically and you can actually find a Mozart "Marriage of Figaro" that's almost 2 and a half hours long on there!

So here's a recent broadcast concert by young pianists Arthur Jussen and his brother Lucas Jussen performing Beethoven's Piano Sonata #5 and Piano Sonata #8, followed by some Faure.  Then the concert finishes of with Jaap van Zweden conducting the Radio Filharmonisch Orkestin in a rip-roaring Beethoven 7th Symphony...I think these 2 young pianists are fine but those jackets...have got to go.

00:15: LvB,Piano Sonata #5 In Cm, Op.10/1 (1797) (Arthur Jussen)
21:20: LvB, Piano Sonata #8 In Cm, Op.13, "Pathétique" (1798) (Lucas Jussen)
43:00: Faure, Dolly Ste Op.56 Berceuse, Le pas espagnole (Jussens)
49:00: LvB, Symphony No.7 in A major, Op.92, (Radio Filharmonisch Orkest, Jaap van Zweden conducting)

Vrijdag van Vredenburg 26-11

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