Sunday, December 26, 2010

12/26 Fidelio (1963, Berlin with Christa Ludwig)

(Christa Ludwig in Fidelio conducted by Klemperer, 1962)
I posted about Beethoven's only opera in the past but today being a weekend post I'm putting up the whole opera in one, long, 2 hour playlist - generously uploaded by Youtuber "1964fidelio"...
Happy Holidays!

I advise downloading the German-English libretto here to follow along...
(or if you just want to read the English translation go here.)

Beethoven: FIDELIO: 1963 Berlin (BW).Total length: 2 hours, 3 minutes

Christa Ludwig: Leonore
James King: Florestan
Walter Berry: Don Pizarro
William Dooley: Don Fernando
Joseph Greindl: Rocco
Lisa Otto: Marzelline
Martin Vantin: Jaquino

Arthur Rother - Chor und Orchester der Deutschen Oper Berlin, 1963


There also happens to be a full Fidelio conducted by James Levine at the MET from 2003 on YT - You can see a linklist of that performance HERE.

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