Friday, December 24, 2010

12/24 Piano Trio 3 w Szeryng, Kempff and Hölscher

Holiday colors.
Christmas Eve with some classic Beethoven...

A slightly reserved rendition and the 4th movement has a playlist break in the first theme - but still pretty dynamic playing....

Beethoven - Trio op.1, No 3 in C minor 
Kempff, Szeryng, Hölscher in Rehearsal and Performance (22 min)


I really hate that the last movement gets a playlist break right in the beginning!
If that annoys you too here's an uninterrupted Finale movement, with a bit more "vigor":
Recorded Feb. 2003. Beethoven piano Trio No.3
played by Civic Orchestra of Chicago members (2002-2003)
Piano-Patrick Godon,
Violin-Jessica Hung,
Cello-Brian Stucki

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