Tuesday, November 30, 2010

11/30 Not Small Bagels and a Children's Game.

(Bagelletes vs Bagatelles)
A couple of my favorite Beethoven piano pieces not part of the monumental 32 Sonatas:

7 Bagatelles Op.33 No. 5. Allegro ma non troppo
One of my favorite B. bagatelles - playful, humorous but serious.  Near the end (around 2:19) it sounds as if Beethoven was testing a "sticky" key.  So bizarre....yet it sounds so perfect where it is.
Sviatoslav Richter on piano here performs the following:
1. Op. 33 No. 5
2. Op. 33 No. 3
3. Op. 119 No. 7
4. Op. 119 No. 9
5. Op. 126 No. 1
Live recording, 1959, a really sublime set.

3 Marches for Piano, Four Hands Op.45  - No. 2 In E Flat Major, Vivace
Pianos: Frank Zabel - Stefan Thomas

I haven't found any good videos of this march for 4-hands so I just threw one together....

The trio section (starting at 2:52) has a very cool bass "rumble" motif, followed by an odd "chutes and ladders" arpeggio... 


  1. The Bagatelle Op. 119/7 seems modern music with its trills in the first bars... Op. 126/1 is one of the deepest piano pieces ever composed.

  2. Many of Beethoven's later works express complex emotions which I don't think could be easily expressed in words. Opus 111's finale leaves me really stunned speechless :)