Wednesday, November 3, 2010

11/3 Symphony No. 3 "Eroica", Pt 2 (Analysis, Järvi)

My analysis of Beethoven's 3rd Symphony "Eroica" as performed by Paavo Järvi and the Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen continues with Movement 2, the Funeral March:

Part 1 - Funeral March (C minor)
A - March theme
A1 - expansion of theme (oboe)
B - Eb Major theme lightens the mood, before relapse into seriousness, leading to Open Cadence
Codetta into Open Cadence

Part 2 "Redemption" in C Major
Redemption Theme
Redemption theme development
Heavy mood returns leading to Open Cadence

Part 3 Funeral March with Fugue interlude
Fugue section - subject based on inverted B motif
Fugue reaches a breaking point - leasing into an Open Cadence
March returns, briefly - before it is sabotaged by low attacks

Part 4 - Funeral March (3rd time)
Codetta - Deceptive Cadence

Part 5 - Coda - starts with string ticks...
Redemption theme variation
Redemption theme disintegrates into march
Final march iteration

Movement 3, Scherzo/Trio:

Movement III
Introduction - duple string chatter
A - Scherzo theme in Bb Major
A - in F Major, Chatter reduces to low staccatos
A - small then big
B - Syncopations in Eb
Cadence phrase leads to Open Cadence

Scherzo repeat, 2nd time Cadence phrase leads to Closed Cadence

C - winds theme
D - rustic
D (repeat)
C1 (repeat)

SCHERZO (return)


(Analysed with the assistance of Robert Greenberg's Teaching Company Wordscore guide. I differed from his analysis here and there but the section breaks are pretty close to his)

Finale tomorrow...

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