Sunday, November 21, 2010

11/21 Bernstein's Young Person's Concerts: "What is Classical Music?"

As I described in my post "a long time ago" about how I got into classical music (and Beethoven in particular), one of the most important people to help me along on my journey was Leonard Bernstein.  Composer, conductor, teacher, he was pretty damn great at all of those things.  If I had to choose who had the greatest contribution to the longevity of classical music - it would probably be Leonard Bernstein.  Fortunately many of his television programs are preserved on DVD.  These DVDs are probably available at your local library.  But if you want to just relax at home...well there's a pretty good selection online as well.  I've posted a few on the Daily Beethoven before in fact.  Here's another, one of the first episodes of Bernstein's Young People's Concerts - "What is Classical Music?".  It has a thrilling version of Beethoven's Egmont Overture at the end (Pt 6 and 7)....

The script (and musical content) for the entire show can be found here.
Anyways, enjoy Lenny and musical edutainment at its best!

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