Saturday, November 13, 2010

11/13 String Trio 1 (Grumiaux Trio w Manuscript)

(Page 1 of String Trio 1)
Here's a video by a Beethoven fan after my own heart.  It features Beethoven's String Trio 1 in Eb major, Op.3 (1794?) with the music following the autograph manuscript of the score.  That sounds like something I'd like to do (except that I'm too lazy). This was a very early work and you can see that Beethoven's penmanship was still very neat at this stage. 

Arthur Grumiaux, violin
Georges Janzer, viola
Eva Czako, cello
You can download the autograph score here as well.
Make the picture fullscreen to make it easier to see the score and follow along..
In 6 movements spread over 5 parts :


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